Yunquera´s fair in honor to Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Sebastián


To thank our patron saints, Virgen del Rosario and San Sebastian, every year around October 7, Yunquera celebrates a special festivities. This festival has its origin on this date because they celebrate that vineyard workers returning from Jerez, safe and sound.

Date: around 7 October


Yunquera celebrates its festivities in honor of the Virgen del Rosario and San Sebastian on October 7. This fair, is closely linked to the vintage. For that reason, it takes place when the vintage concludes, specifically after the return of seasonal workers, who come from Cadiz’s lands, came back to his hometown: Yunquera.

Preserve some of its oldest traditions, like the offering of grapes to the patroness. After this, in the main square,a small steps in which you can participate all you want, this is also about this time is when it starts producing the typical wine Yunquera? Wort? , which continues to be created in the traditional way as in the old days.

On October 7, Yunquera celebrates other typical tradition, “El Rosario de la Aurora”. About seven in the morning, women gather to pray the rosary along different streets in the village. When they come back to the Constitución Square, they share a breakfast with typical muffins of the village and hot chocolate. After they recover forces, they sing, dance and play in the square, while they they remember those childhood games.

These celebrations, also offer the opportunity to know the exquisite typical food of Yunquera, which can taste in different restaurants or taverns who offer as tapas with a delicious glass of grape juice of the village.


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