¡ Autumn came ! Chestnuts, wine and honey.

The vine growing in the region of the Sierra de las Nieves was very important from the Muslim period until the late nineteenth century, due to a plague that caused many farmers seek substitute crops. The grape was the protagonist in Malaga and Yunquera trade still keeps the tradition in the production of the "wine grape".


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Nature Adventure

The active tourism is a new modality which has more popularity each day and it will be more demanded. That is a new way to be in contact and know the nature. For that reason, we have thought in that product to offer you, combining the local culture and the adventure, a fantastic idea to know some resources and Yunquera´s identity. 


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A symbol of life, the water

The water, is a symbol of life and one of the reasons of the our settlement of our region.  In the past, they chose the actual location for two reason. The first was because they needed the water near to subsist and the second reason, the roads of communication. They were and are very important for send all the products that our lands produce. The economy in the past was based in the commerce of these products.

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Between olives

The olive tree has long been the one of the vital crops of this locality. Therefore, with this two-day product closely learn everything about this culture and its product. olive.

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