Holy Week


Holy week in Yunquera is one of the more importance in the region, Sierra de las Nieves. According we know, the first three fraternities originate in 1648 and they were called Santísimo Sacramento, Veracruz and Virgin del Rosario.


Date: March or April.


Easter Week begins with the living representation of children of the town entering to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, from the Calvario hermitage to the Church.

Holy Thursday, at dusk, the procession of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno and María Santísima de la Salud y Esperanza will walk along the street of the village. When both find in the main square, will take place the exiting meeting between Jesús Nazareno and María de la Salud.

Holy Friday is one of the most important days in Yunquera. This day begins with one of the most important procession. At eight o´clock in the morning, all men go praying from the hermitage of Cruz Del Pobre. In that procession where only participate men, the procession is the image of Cruz Del Pobre. Hours later, about twelve o´clock, this Christ will go back to his hermitage accompanied for women and children.
In the afternoon from the church, the images of Santo Sepulcro, María Santísima de los Dolores, Veracruz and Cristo de la Cruz del Pobre go out with Yunquera´s people along different streets.
At midnight on Holy Friday, faithful with candles accompany the Virgen de la Soledad.

To finish, Easter Sunday, the local youth carries the Risen Christ, who brings life and happiness to the people. The courtship is composed for brothers Nazarenes with white tunics and without hood.

A surprising and peculiar custom of our town, and has great influences Castilian influences, was the fact the pin on to the Virgin's mantle or to the Nazarene’s robe, bills in gratitude for favors received.


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