Yunquera Guerrillera


Yunquera was a strategic location in the beginnings nineteenth century because was situated on the road between the Costa del Sol and Serrania de Ronda. Therefore, at this time was a place of conflict where the Spanish troops and people of the village will have to defend from the French attack.


Date: June 


The village of Yunquera jumps back in the time to remember events that took place during the War of Independence of beginnings nineteenth century.

General Ballesteros with his soldiers will take our Watchtower to fight with the Napoleon´s army. For that reason, people of the village prepare everything to revive during three days some of the most important acts what took place during those days.
A village, costumes, taverns, markets… and a staging that will made you feel and revive everything that happened.



Area de Turismo - Ayuntamiento de Yunquera