Night of San Juan

Yunquera celebrates the traditional night of San Juan, the night of June 24. This festivity has his origin in the summer solstice celebration.


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Holy Week

Holy week in Yunquera is one of the more importance in the region, Sierra de las Nieves. According we know, the first three fraternities originate in 1648 and they were called Santísimo Sacramento, Veracruz and Virgin del Rosario.

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Corpus Christi

Maintaining this celebration on Thursday, Yunquera celebrates one of his biggest days. This day, in different squares and streets are installed altars with the image of Christ, balconies and windows are decorated with shawls, arches of palms, aromatic plants such as marjoram, ferns or rosemary.

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Yunquera Guerrillera

Yunquera was a strategic location in the beginnings nineteenth century because was situated on the road between the Costa del Sol and Serrania de Ronda. Therefore, at this time was a place of conflict where the Spanish troops and people of the village will have to defend from the French attack.


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Pilmigrage Porticate

People of the village feel a great devotion to the Virgin de Porticate. Every 15th of August, the town celebrates a beautiful pilgrimage in honour of this small Virgin, who receives in her hermitage along the year thousands of our fellow countryman visits.

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The Move

Before take place the tradicional pilgrimage, Yunquera celebrates a special celebration that we call “ El Traslado” where the Virgen del Carmen Chiquita come to the village for spend there a month.

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Carnival is a popular celebration that takes place immediately before the Christian Lent, which is combining elements such as costumes, parades and the traditional burial of the sardine.

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Wine and Chesnut fair

Thanks to our geographical location and our climate, Yunquera  has a great diversity agricultural cultivated with vines, olives, almonds, chestnuts ..and oranges, lemons or avocados.For that reason, we celebrate a special fair for two of our featured products, wine and chestnuts.

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Yunquera´s fair in honor to Nuestra Señora del Rosario and San Sebastián

To thank our patron saints, Virgen del Rosario and San Sebastian, every year around October 7, Yunquera celebrates a special festivities. This festival has its origin on this date because they celebrate that vineyard workers returning from Jerez, safe and sound.

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