Night of San Juan


Yunquera celebrates the traditional night of San Juan, the night of June 24. This festivity has his origin in the summer solstice celebration.


Date: 24 June.

San Juan eve is known in Yunquera as “los juanes”, where the village prepares a particular festival.
Yunquera is one of the few places where this celebration has a religious dimension, because townspeople install altars in the street, adorned with plants, quilts, flowerpots and even dolls, all these elements are situated around a framed picture of San Juan.


Of course, this festival is combined with a great festival and the burning of dolls that refers to a famous. These dolls have firecrackers inside so that the game doesn’t pass unnoticed. At the end of the night, we do a great fire where we burn “los júas”. During the festival there is music and dance.



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